Exclusive: Modi Team Angry With Pawan Kalyan’s Speech


Pawan Kalyan’s public speech during today’s campaign has drawn the ire of Narendra Modi’s team in Delhi, as per highly reliable sources.

Pawan stated that his party members urged him to issue a press release condemning the stone attack on Jagan Mohan Reddy, but he doubted whether the attack actually occurred or if Jagan had intentionally struck himself with the microphone. 

He also expressed suspicion that Jagan might have hit himself with a stone concealed behind the garland. Despite the circulating video footage showing the stone hitting Jagan Mohan Reddy and Vellampalli, Pawan made these statements directly mocking Jagan. 

But Narendra Modi first tweeted condemning the attack. Is Pawan implying that Narendra Modi and his team lack the intelligence to discern whether the attack was genuine or if Jagan orchestrated it himself?

Sources from Delhi reveal that Modi’s team is displeased with Pawan’s derogatory remarks against Jagan Mohan Reddy regarding the stone attack at the time when he’s in the shadow of sympathy. 

They brought a complete translation of his speech, and senior influential leader commented, “This film actor seems to view everything through a cinematic lens. Someone needs to advise him to cease his hero-like dialogues, as they may convey misleading messages to neutral voters about the entire alliance.”

Another senior leader, in frustration, remarked, “It’s not the right time to exhibit hatred towards the opponent. Both Naidu and Pawan appear to have diminished their significance in the state with such thoughtless hate speeches all these years.”

He further questioned, “Why is Pawan behaving erratically towards the end of his speech? Why is he trembling like that?”

Only after the alliance, the Modi team seems to have been observing the speeches of Pawan and Chandrababu and forming some opinions. It remains unclear whether a message has been relayed from Delhi to Pawan Kalyan and Chandrababu Naidu regarding this matter.


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2024-04-14 20:28:02

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