Inter CEO Marotta admits doubts as debt deadline looms


Inter CEO Beppe Marotta admitted he ‘can’t answer’ what’ll happen regarding the looming deadline of the Oaktree loan but called Steven Zhang ‘the perfect owner’.

The Nerazzurri president took out an initial €250m loan with the US investment fund back in 2021, having to pay back by May 20th, 2024. With interest, the debt has now risen to over €375m, creating a significant problem for Zhang and Suning.

On Sunday, Gazzetta dello Report reported that Zhang is in the process of setting up a new €400m loan agreement with an English fund, allowing him to repay Oaktree by May 20th. The new deal would have a three-year deadline, giving him time to further improve the club’s finances.

Speaking at the Bearzot award event via TMW, Marotta first discussed Inter’s decision to appoint Simone Inzaghi as head coach.

“The choice of Inzaghi was collective, obviously the clubs are made up of professionals and we made this choice together. In him we found the professional and human qualities, which are often more important than the professional ones.

“We made this choice with great tranquillity, he had done well with Lazio. The choice to renew with him will be physiological, he has demonstrated with facts that he knows how to do well and is the ideal profile for the present and future of Inter.”

He was asked what would happen by the debt deadline of May 20th.

“It’s not a question I can answer because it affects the owners. I can only say that yesterday I spoke with Steven Zhang, he was not physically present, but we spoke daily and I can say that he is the perfect owner.

“He knows how to delegate, he respects roles perfectly and the hope is that Steven Zhang can move forward. There are all positive signs for this, our situation is very calm from an economic point of view. We are calm and hope to continue with the Zhang family.”

Finally, Marotta was asked if he’d stay with Inter beyond this season.

“I have a contract that ends in 2027, I will be on the threshold of 70 years old, and I will make the necessary assessments, I could perhaps try a different experience. In the meantime, let’s try to achieve further important successes, then we’ll see what happens.”


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