Create Advertising Hires Industry Veteran Callie De Quevedo In SVP Role – Deadline

Entertainment marketing outfit Create Advertising Group has hired Callie de Quevedo as SVP and Head of Integrated Marketing. In her new role, de Quevedo, who earlier in her career held public relations posts at NBC, Disney, and Fox Television, will create strategy-driven, integrated campaigns for Create clients which include most major Hollywood studios and networks and top gaming companies.

De Quevedo previously served as VP Integrated Marketing at Ignition Creative, where she expanded the agency’s capabilities to include integrated marketing methodologies and PR working with brands there including Apple, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Marvel, Yahoo, NBCUniversal, Cirque du Soleil and YouTube.

Most recently, she was CMO for a tech incubator serving fintech, esports, entertainment and lifestyle media startups.

“There is simply no one better than Callie to drive strategic and creative integration at Create,” said Create partner and president Jonathan Gitlin. “Our films, series, and games clients continue to evolve at an incredible rate and we must be malleable to support their needs. Callie’s extensive experience in this space enhances our ability to develop innovative strategic and creative workflows to be successful with the most high-profile properties across all the major entertainment categories. Most of all, Callie leads with authenticity and compassion which is why I couldn’t be more honored to have her at Create.”

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2021-03-09 20:26:00

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