Breathtaking 1898 Park Slope mansion with its own security vault lists for $14M, making it one of

  • A stunning Brooklyn townhouse built in 1898 has hit the market for $14 million
  • The new buyers would count Emily Blunt and Steve Buschemi as neighbors
  • Alongside lavish amenities, the historic home also has a built-in safe

A breathtaking 19th century mansion has captured attention in New York City‘s elite real estate market after going up for sale for $14 million. 

Found in Brooklyn’s sophisticated Park Slope neighborhood, the lavish townhouse is complete with traditional, stylish finishes including stained glass windows, intricate moldings and coiffed ceilings. 

The classic design is coupled with amenities reserved only for high-end properties, including an expansive entertainment space and a built-in safe – providing the buyers with an added degree of security as they move into one of the most sought-after homes in the area. 

Neighbors include Hollywood stars Emily Blunt, Patrick Stewart and Steve Buschemi.

Real estate experts with Compass warned opportunities like the Park Slope mansion are rare and don’t expect it to stay on the market for long. 

Situated in Brooklyn, New York City, the lavish home is complete with high-class designs including intricate moldings and traditional carved wood finishings
The townhouse in Park Slope counts celebrities in the same neighborhood including Emily Blunt, Patrick Stewart and Steve Buschemi
The 9,000 square foot home is on sale for $14 million, over $10 million more than it was bought for in 2004

The classic home was designed by New York architect Montrose W Morris, who also developed a number of other properties in the area where home sales often exceed $10 million. 

And 106 years after Morris put the finishing touches to the sleek limestone facade, it was bought by Deborah Goodstein-Rosenfeld, a writer and film producer, and her husband Tommy Rosenfeld, an investments manager, in 2004. 

The couple originally bought the property for $3.75 million, and have since renovated it in 2015 with updated electrics, plumbing and central air systems.

They also redesigned the kitchen, which extends into a dining room with a large fireplace, and bathrooms, which feature stunning stain glass windows. 

While the lavish home’s price tag is enough to put most off, the property was also previously available for renting, where a one-month stay would set you back $18,500, according to StreetEasy. 

The property underwent a large renovation in 2015, including to its bathrooms and kitchen
The kitchen extends out into an expansive dining room with a huge fireplace
Prospect Park views are one of the key selling points to the mansion
Real estate experts said mansion-scale homes in Brooklyn are a rare opportunity, and they do not expect it to stay on the market long as rich buyers swoop in

A carved wood stairway and coffered ceilings are also found in the harmonious, historic designed home, while a large skylight floods the hall with natural light.  

Covering roughly 9,000 square feet of space, the expansive home also includes a large entertainment room and floor to ceiling bookshelves to give the place a high society feel. 

Prospective tenants will also enjoy a picturesque view of Prospect Park, which hosts Brooklyn’s only lake and an array of public basketball and tennis courts. 

The clean white facade is also complimented by a glass-and-bronze canopy over the front entrance to help it stand out in its opulent neighborhood. 

Around the back of the home, developers also found space for a courtyard garden – a rarity in New York City. 

When the home was constructed, developers installed a safe into the substructure, which is now found in a lower-level rec room. ‘The safe is built into the foundation of the building, so it’s going nowhere,’ said Compass real estate agent Amy Mendizabal to The Wall Street Journal.

The home is complete with a clean white limestone facade, and around the back is a courtyard garden – a rarity in New York City
The home is currently owned by Deborah Goodstein-Rosenfeld, a writer and film producer
The writer shares the home with her husband Tommy Rosenfeld, an investment manager

Mendizabal added that the Rosenfeld’s only moved out because the towering townhouse was too big for the two of them, and the sale of their lavish family home would be a welcome moment for Brooklyn’s luxury market. 

The borough’s property market has struggled since last year, according real-estate firm Miller Samuel, who told the WSJ that the number of sales plummeted 42.6 percent in the second quarter of 2023 compared to the same period in 2022. 

Despite the downturn, Mendizabal said she expects the lavish Park Slope mansion to be snapped up quickly.

She insisted that mansion-scale homes in the region are seen as a rare opportunity, and a house across the street from the Rosenfeld’s home recently sold for almost $12 million.

‘This is truly a collector’s piece of real estate,’ Mendizabal concluded. 

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