Independent Display Chip: Is It A Game Changer Or Game Hanger


The Truth Behind Independent Display Chips

Today, we will discuss the so-called “Self-developed Chip,” “Independent Display Chip,” “Solo Display Chip,” or “Unique Display Chip” in smartphones. These are marketing terms used by smartphone manufacturers to promote dedicated chipsets as groundbreaking innovations for an enhanced gaming experience. However, the reality might not be as impressive as these marketing claims suggest.

Redmi K60 Ultra, Xiaomi held a strategic conference called the “post-performance era,” where Redmi touted its own origins and the power of the Dimensity 9200+. But at this event, another interesting mention was made, introducing Pixelworks X7 independent display chip. For many, Pixelworks might have been an unfamiliar name until this point. Even before Redmi mentioned it, few would associate it with “Self-developed Chips.”

Pixelworks’ X7 chip is noteworthy because it’s designed and developed by the manufacturer itself. The “7” in Pixelworks X7 denotes that it’s the seventh generation of this product. Its client list includes Honor, OPPO, OnePlus, Realme, Asus Rog, Vivo, and other phone brands. OPPO and Vivo, in particular, contribute significantly to Pixelworks’ revenue, accounting for over 10% of its customer base.

Black Shark Gaming Phone 2. Initially, these chips were primarily used for regulating screen brightness and DC dimming. The real breakthrough in the “unique display” concept came with the 2021 release of the iQOO Neo5, which added a unique display chip focused on game frame insertion. Subsequently, this concept gained traction across the market.

  • Power Consumption Optimization: Pixelworks X7 can optimize power consumption by converting games running at 60fps or 90fps to 30fps or 45fps and then interpolating them back to 120fps or 90fps. While this reduces processor power consumption, it can introduce latency, making it suitable for some single-player or less latency-sensitive online games but less suitable for fast-paced FPS games.
  • In addition to frame interpolation, Pixelworks X7 offers display-related technologies:

    • Low-power Super Resolution: This feature reduces game resolution and then uses algorithms to “super resolution” it, providing a comparable visual effect.
    • Noise Reduction +…


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