Jayhawk decommit Marcus Adams Jr. pledges Big 12

Kansas basketball transfer Marcus Adams Jr. has committed to fellow Big 12 school BYU as he awaits an eligibility waiver from the NCAA.

If you’re a Kansas Jayhawks fan who is tired of seeing the name Marcus Adams Jr., hang on and sit tight, because you likely haven’t seen the last of him.

The consensus 4-star recruit out of Narbonne High School in Harbor City, California has had an unorthodox recruitment, to say the least. He’s now pledged to Kansas, Gonzaga, and BYU, all in that order.

Although BYU is on the Kansas basketball schedule in 2023-24, the chances of seeing him in action are slim. Because it’s his second transfer and it’s past the deadline, he’ll need a waiver granted to him by the NCAA in order to be active this year.

Adams had initially enrolled at KU and began practicing with the team before departing from the program. He cited team chemistry and the city of Lawrence being too ‘country’ for his liking, yet he lands at a Mormon college. It’s weird how things work out, huh?

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He provided some insight as to why he decided Provo was home for him.

“A beautiful facility, beautiful facilities, the mountains are amazing. That was one of Coach Pope’s favorite things he was telling me,” Adams said. “I really love the staff, the energy they brought when I first showed up to take pictures or whether it was the tours, the academic counselors, all those important people.”

“They’re really positive people with great energy,” Adams continued. “Coming from my situation, it was really great to have that really good group of people that supports you behind your back.”

This is the new age of college basketball. Kids collecting free practice gear from a ton of schools just for the fun of it. It baffles me that a head coach would be interested in a player like that.

Whatever. Onto the next.

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Read More: Jayhawk decommit Marcus Adams Jr. pledges Big 12

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