Mangaluru: Daiva Narthakas yet to get monthly, old age pension as per govt promise

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Mangaluru, Sep 3:  The Daiva Narthakas have been sidelined in their old age as the erstwhile BJP government in the state had announced a monthly pension to them but it has remained a mere announcement.

The Daiva Nartakas came into limelight with the success of Kannada movie Kantara. The Daiva Narthakas have been recognised as neither artistes nor someone who were earning a livelihood and so were in dire need of old age pension.

The BJP government assured the Daiva Narthakas of payment of old age pension for those who were above 60 years. The Kannada and Culture Department had invited applications in this regard. If everything had worked well they would have received a pension in one year. But, the Daiva Narthakas are neither getting their monthly pension nor the assured old age pension as the government was clear that they are not eligible to obtain both the benefits.

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A few of them were obtaining old age pensions. But, both the benefits cannot be obtained simultaneously. So, the old age pension was discontinued for those who had applied for a monthly pension. The Daiva Narthakas haven’t received any allowance nor pension since the announcement was made and after applications were submitted to the government by the eligible beneficiaries. They have been deprived of their old age pension too.

In the undivided coastal district, there are about 1,500 Daiva Nartakas who are aged more than 60 years. Daiva Narthakas and the people joining them in Daivaradne are still living in poverty.




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2023-09-03 15:58:57

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