Pittsford’ NY ZIP code is among the hottest in the U.S. Here’s why

Pittsford’s 14534 ZIP code this year was listed among Realtor.com’s hottest 10 ZIP codes in the nation.

Listed ninth on Realtor.com’s list of the hottest ZIP codes of 2023, 14534 is located in southeastern Monroe County. Much of the 14534 ZIP code is within the Town of Pittsford, a suburb adjacent to Rochester, and includes the Village of Pittsford.

The western border of 14534 is Pinnacle Road in Henrietta and includes nearby neighborhoods, Locust Hill Country Club and Tinker Nature Park. It also includes parts of Perinton, including Powers Farm Market, Bushnell’s Basin and Powder Mills Park, and parts of Mendon. The ZIP code also includes Mendon Ponds Park.

“Having grown up in Pittsford, I can attest to the small hometown feel and the natural beauty and resources available,” said Michael O’Connor, president of the Greater Rochester Association of Realtors. It is close to downtown Rochester (and its employers), the Finger Lakes and the New York state Thruway “makes Pittsford a very popular destination for home buyers.”

When considering where to purchase a home, affordability and proximity to large cities have become increasingly important, as more and more businesses mandate return-to-office policies. Some homebuyers are also seeking out larger homes with more space to accommodate a larger household, according to the report.

“As many companies continue to call employees back to the office, we’re seeing a surge in home shoppers who are seeking a desirable combination of cost and convenience within commuting distance of major metropolitan areas,” said Danielle Hale, Chief Economist for Realtor.com. “In addition to affordable markets, this year’s list also features some higher priced areas close to large urban cores, which will likely appeal to buyers who are concerned with finding the right mix of size and amenities within reach of a nearby city center.”

As homebuyers navigate limited inventory and high mortgage rates, they are flocking to areas that are more affordable compared to the rest of the country, less expensive than their nearby metro area, or provide better value, offering more space at a lower price, according to the report.

Hottest ZIP codes in the Northeast

Six of the top 10 hottest ZIP codes are in the Northeast – including Pittsford. The other four ZIP codes on Realtor.com’s list are in the Midwest, including top ZIP code of 43230 in Gahanna, Ohio, a suburb of Columbus.

For the first time in five years, the suburbs of five major metropolitan areas – Boston, New York, Chicago, Detroit and St. Louis – are represented on the annual Realtor.com’s Hottest Zip Codes report, marking renewed interest in homes with a shorter commute.

Zoom towns − small, rural towns that saw an influx of remote workers during the pandemic − have been waning in popularity as employers have begun calling workers back to the office.

The Top 10 Hottest ZIP codes in America are attracting buyers with homes that are either priced at or below the U.S. median or are larger in size than the U.S. average. Additionally, homes listed within the Hottest ZIPs received an average of 3.6 more views per listing than in the rest of the country, and sold one month faster than average in 2023. 

Hottest ZIP codes in Rochester NY

For the past six years, a ZIP code from the Rochester region has been included on Realtor.com’s annual Hottest ZIP code list. Last year, Brighton’s 14618 ZIP code topped the list. In 2021 and in 2020, Irondequoit’s 14617 ZIP code ranked second and third, respectively, on Realtor.com’s hottest ZIP code list.

In 2019, the 14609 ZIP landed on Realtor.com’s Hottest ZIP code list. Part of the 14609 ZIP code is in Irondequoit and the rest is in the City of Rochester and includes Beechwood and parts of North Winton Village and Browncroft. One year earlier, the 14624 ZIP code was ninth on the list. It includes parts of Gates, Chili and Ogden.

The Rochester region, according to the Greater Rochester Association of Realtors, has become a popular relocation destination because real estate is affordable compared to other metro areas, and jobs in the medical, optics, imaging and tourism industries are plentiful. It’s not too far from some larger cities, including Toronto, Boston, New York City and Philadelphia, without the expense and traffic.

The median home price in Monroe County in June was $227,250. During the same time span, the median home price in 14618 ZIP code was $595,000. The national average is $416,100 according to Realtor.com.

Pittsford was the only neighborhood in New York included on the Top 10 list. Two other ZIP codes in the Empire state were among Realtor.com’s Top 50 Hottest ZIP codes, both located in New York’s Southern Tier. They include Endicott’s ZIP code of 13760, in which is the suburb of Binghamton, Broome County, was listed 28th; and Ithaca’s ZIP code of 14850 in Tompkins County was listed 36th.

According to Realtor.com, key factors driving buyer demand include affordability, ample space for the cost and close proximity to local amenities and outdoor activities. The study ranked how hot a ZIP code was based on how long it took a house to sell in a market as well as how often that market was viewed on realtor.com, which aggregates home listings. The rankings are based on listing data from January to June 2023.

There are currently 36 properties available in 14534, with the priciest a $2.9 million 12,119-square-foot home on nearly three acres on Wessex Court in Pittsford. The least expensive residence listed is a $249,900 single-family home (1,507 square feet) on a half-acre lot on Falling Creek Lane on the Pittsford-Perinton border.

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