List of beneficiaries getting Social Security on February 21st


American retirees are getting the new Social Security payment

Since we already know the February Social Security payment schedule we can know who will get the next payment. And the next of the payments for United States beneficiaries will be on February 21st. Of course, not all Americans can get the payment on this day.

In order to collect the check on February 21st, we will have to meet several requirements. If we do not meet them, the Social Security Administration will not be able to send us this check. In that case our retirement payment will be made on a different day.

However, all is not lost. The Social Security Administration sends a total of 4 payments each month. So if you are waiting to get your benefit you may just have to wait a little longer.

As of today there are two payments from Social Security before the end of February. Therefore, if you are not on the list to collect on the 21st day, you may get your benefit on the 28th day of this month. This will depend on the group of retirees to which you belong.

Social Security check arrives on February 21st

Only one exact group of beneficiaries can get the next of the retirement payments. This group is Group 3 beneficiaries. The Social Security Administration divides retirees into four different groups. Each group gets only one check per month.

The Social Security Adminsitration will send a new check in this week
The Social Security Adminsitration will send a new check in this week

In order to collect this February 21st check we will need to meet two requirements:

  • Have Social Security payments as of May 1997.
  • Be born between the 11th and 20th of any month.

It is not necessary to be born in February to collect the February payment. Likewise, the year of retirement does not matter as long as it is after May 1997 (including the month of May).

Remember that being part of the group marks the calendar day on which Social Security will send a check. But that does not mean that we will get the payment on the same day. For this to happen, Direct Deposit must be activated. Otherwise, we must wait a few days to get the money and have it fully available.

If you are not in this group, you may get your payment on the 28th day of February. If not, you will need to claim your payment from Social Security as soon as possible, as there may be a problem with it.

What are the requirements to receive the February 21st Social Security payment?

It is only necessary to have on one side the Social Security payment as of May 1997. That would be the first requirement, but it is not the only mandatory requirement to collect the benefit for this day.

Likewise, it is also mandatory to have a birthday between specific days. To be exact, it is mandatory to have a birthday between the 11th and 20th day of any month. The month of birth is not important to know if we collect the payment for this day.

Therefore, if these two requirements are met, we will be able to get the benefit without any problem. However, there is an extra requirement, which is to have the Direct Deposit activated. If we do not have it, the money will arrive a few days later.


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