Massachusetts real estate transactions for Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties Feb. 25, 2024



Berkshire Land Co. LLC, to Sean P. F. Burke, 48 Fairview St., $324,000.

J D T Rosati Inc., to Denali Investments LLC, 405 Silver St., $343,000.

J D T Rosati Inc., to Denali Investments LLC, 431 Silver St., $315,000.

J D T Rosati Inc., to Denali Investments LLC, Rear Doane Avenue, $680,000.

NSP Residential LLC, to Vincent M. Canavan and Shannon M. Corbett, 210 Meadow St., $294,000.

U S Bank Trust, trustee, and RCF 2 Acquisition Trust, trustee of, to NSP Residential LLC, 210 Meadow St., $230,000.


Gerald George Guidera Jr., trustee, and Gerald George Guidera Jr Family Trust to Lindsay Goodwin Read and Lindsay Read, 41 Fairfield St., $264,408.

Anke Voss and Robert Naiman to Benjamin Hill Detenber and Nicole Lorraine Draper, 684 East Pleasant St., $603,000.

Dja-Maa Shepp to Gary Toth and Henry Whitlock, 176 Flat Hills Road, $385,000.

Elizabeth A. Lauziere, personal representative, Norma L. Higham, estate, and Norma Louise Higham, estate, to Donna Mollard, 24 McIntosh Drive, $280,000.

John G. Reid and Tracy L. Hightower to Christopher Croteau and Onel Perez, 486 Sunderland Road and 500 Sunderland Road, $545,000.


Stephen R. McMorrow to Stephen R. McMorrow and Kelsey L. McMorrow, Trillium Way, $100.

John J. Kopacz and Sandra L. Kopacz to Gary G. Decoteau, Railroad Street, $74,000.


Leszek Twarowski and Margaret Twarowski to Kyle Twarowski and Danielle Twarowski, 228 Sturbridge Road, $1,060,000.


Valerie A. Williams, personal representative of the Estate of Albert R. Williams to Joshua W. Giard, 58 Tatro Road, $290,000.


UH Storage (DE) Limited Partnership and UH Storage GP(DE)QRS 15-50 Inc., to Mercury Storage 1-B LLC, 499 Montgomery St., $1,802,077.

Soren W. Johnson and Adero K. Willard to Kevin G. Ryan, 158 College St., $290,000.


Jennifer J. Lewis to Bluebird Real Estate Investing LLC, 6 Greenfield Road, $26,500.

East Longmeadow

Jaclyn M. Predergast and Jaclyn M. Prendergast to Samuel Oseibonsu and Ama Achiamaa, 217 Porter Road, $492,000.


Silver Snake Properties LLC, to Lindsay Noel Dubois, 63 Phelps St., $330,000.

Krupalu LLC, to SGS Holdings LLC, 5-15 Adams St., $1,100,000.

A-Z Storage & Properties LLC, and Autumn Properties LLC, to NB Main Realty LLC, 422 Main St., and Route 10, $570,000.

Joshua Gosselin and Sarah Gosselin to Harley Colgan Properties LLC, 127 West St., $85,000.

Browndog 90 Realty LLC, to Blake A. Gullett, 22 Maine Ave., $295,000.


Tien N. Brunelle, trustee of the Lewis Investment Trust, to Cole G. Larose, 17 Maple Ave., $326,000.

April Elizabeth Lemieux and Verne S. Lemieux, trustees of the Lemieux Family Trust, to Timothy William Momaney and Sydney Gail Upham, 11 Church St., $342,000.


Brooke G. Schnabel and Santha Parke to Daniel J. Desnoyers and Linda I. Desnoyers, South Chesterfield Road, $4,500.


Laura A. Noyes to Duane Carl Noyes, 161 South St., $270,000.

Kotowicz Custom Homes LLC, to Brett Robert Diamond and Roxanna Pisiak, 127 Maxmillian Drive, $835,000.

Northeast Fasteners Co Inc., to Kimberly Bernier Goldsmith, Taylor Street, $60,000.


Dauntless Path LLC, to Michael Anthony McKelvey and Robyn Diana McKelvey, 110 Cottage St., $278,000.

Nadezhda A. Vozniuk, “fka” Nadezhda A. Filobokova, to Andrew Scott Berg and Cameron Mortimer-Berg, 40 Princeton Terrace, Unit 40 Meadowview Manor Condominium, $160,000.

325 Canton Street LLC, to Greenfield Elizabeth Home Inc., 7 Congress St., $685,000.

Joyce Lanciani and Steven Lanciani to Zoe D. Smith and Allison H. van der Velden, 81 High St., $522,500.


Susan Arce, Susan Arce-Beaver and Charles Beaver to Paul Michael McKenna, 129 Somers Road, $375,000.


Earl Philip Carlow, trustee of the Earl Philip Carlow Investment Trust, to Flagg Hill Farms LLC, 24 Flagg Hill Road Branch, “fka” 3 Burnt Hill Road, $80,000.


David J. Morrissey to David J. Morrissey and Barbara E. Daly, 3 Maple St., $100.


Frank T. Lucchesi and Francis T. Lucchesi to Anne R. Most, 94 Westmoreland Ave., $415,000.

Joseph B. Thompson and Kristin B. Thompson to John J. Flynn and Mary L. Flynn, 37 Birnie Road, $720,000.


Plata O Plomo Inc., to Akhmad Abdul-Razzaq and Shaterricka Riche Abdul-Razzaq, 436 Chapin St., $379,999.


Nu-Way Homes Inc., to Glen Lawrence Barrett and Marybeth Barrett, 596A Ryan Road, $549,900.

James S. Ussailis Jr., to Catherine Ussailis, 24 O’Donnell Drive, $112,000.

Walter Warchut to Adam Gladstone, 81 Autumn Drive, $316,000.

Claudia Viele, personal representative, and Robert E. Antil, estate, to Arthur C. Edelstein, 300A Elm St., $525,000.


Cynthia L. Teto and Matthew R. Teto to Matthew R. Teto, Magoon Road, $25,000.

Cynthia L. Teto and Matthew R. Teto to Matthew R. Teto, 237 Magoon Road, $70,000.

Lori A. Barnes and Steven S. Barnes Jr., to Anne Marie Pole, 125 East Road, $400,000.

Inhabitants of the Town of Orange to 153 Quabbin Boulevard LLC, Quabbin Boulevard, $18,000.


Abaigeal M. Duda to B & B Realty Partners LLC, 3205 Main St., $305,000.

Abaigeal M. Duda to Gina Cislak, Main Street, Par A, $5,000.

David M. Ingram and Patricia A. Ingram to William O’Toole Jr., and Tara Ingram, 209 Old Warren Road, $310,000.

Samuel Cobb and Martha Cobb to Kevin J. Serio and Shelby T. Serio, 51 Squier St., $334,000.


Patrick J. Slaney to Patrick J. Slaney, trustee, and Revocable Indenture of Trust of Patrick J. Slaney, 18 Butterhill Road, $100.


Valerie A. Williams, personal representative of the Estate of Albert R. Williams, to Joshua W. Giard, 58 Tatro Road, $290,000.


Carol J. Avonti, personal representative of the Estate of Richard S. Stein, to Roberta Z. Miller and Thomas C. Miller, North Laurel Drive, $225,000.

South Hadley

Eric C. Jimmo, Stacy Jimmo and Stacy E. Desforges to Jaydon G. Diamond, 28 Saybrook Circle, $255,000.

B&B Real Estate LLC, to Mark Hager, 41 West Summit St., $183,000.


Susan J. Toppin, Kate S. Kelly and Ayn K. Toppin to Nicole Leadenham, 27 Mountain View Circle, $323,000.


Brenda Barker, Brenda Long, James Barker, Micheline Long, Daniel Long and Jennifer Long to Miguel A. Perez, 9 Wood St., $80,000.


Angel Villar and Ruth Villar to Muhammad Taqi and Samina Taqi, 47 Jefferson Ave., $300,000.

Annie Salem to Mert Gunaydin and Muharrem Gunaydin, 57-59 Michigan St., $360,000.

Barbara M. Barlow to Jill K. Barlow, 79 Mandalay Road, $230,000.

Brandon J. Miller and David W. Ostrander, trustee, to Unlimited Property Services LLC, 476 Berkshire Ave., $170,000.

Bretta Construction LLC, to Leo Best and Laurie Lauture-Best, 1 Balboa Drive, $565,000.

C & A Realty Co. Inc., to 500 Armory Street LLC, 500 Armory St., $410,000.

Dubs Capital LLC, to Northern Flooring & Remodeling LLC, E S Catharine Street, $21,950.

Home LLC, to Tascon Homes LLC, 15-17 Huntington St., $163,000.

Jason Gobin to Livingwater Capital LLC, 61-63 Woodlawn St., $237,500.

Leo R. Best III, and Laurie T. Lauture-Best to Christa Nunez, 25 Laurence St., $379,900.

Lorisa S. Jones, Lorisa S. Vann and Terrence Jones to Lorisa S. Jones, 828 Parker St., $138,000.

Lorraine L. Gazda and Julia J. Gazda to Elliot M. Lehane, 161 Verge St., $270,000.

Margaret M. Pilon to Aaron D. Roberson II, 6 Carlos St., $263,000.

Patrick O’Neil and Gina Malvezzi to Josentt Thompson, 261 Connecticut Ave., $299,000.

U S A Veterans Affairs to Daniele Manzi, 48 Kings Lane, $185,000.


Charles W. Smiarowski, trustee of the Charles W. Smiarowski Living Trust, to 282 Hadley Road LLC, Hadley Road, $325,000.


Scott M. Carrigan to Anthony R. Felix and Melissa Ann Felix, 12 Church St., $160,000.


Julia Lubelczyk to Francis J. Harrington, 9 Campbell Road, $100.

Anthony M. Lapete and Amanda L. Lapete to Kristen Alisha Foster, 4 Barnes St., $254,000.

Nicole Nesbit to Amanda L. Lapete and Anthony M. Lapete, 121-123 River Road, $472,500.

William J. McCloskey Sr., and Elaine A. Demers to Drew J. LaValley, 160 Osborne Road, $375,000.

Donald F. Bullock to Michael Sandoval, 230 Greenwich Road, $150,000.

West Springfield

Cig4 LLC, to Steven Thompson, 146 Nelson St., $188,000.

Maria V. Duducal to Bella Realty Group LLC, 1304 Elm St., Unit 3C, $145,000.


Andrew J. Martindell to Sandra A. Stevens, 88 Glenwood Drive, $370,000.

DBK Realty Associates LLP, to Sovereign Builders Inc., 1026 Southampton Road, $300,000.

Koziar Capital LLC, to Raymaakers Properties LLC, Falcon Drive, Par. A, $350,000.

Nancy C. Godbout, conservator, and Linda Strniste to Congamond Management LLC, 86 White St., $90,000.

Vantage Home Buyers LLC, to Peace I. Ovabor, 140 Meadow St., $392,000.

Zachary A. Coderre to Done Right Homes LLC, 0 Crown Street, $78,000.


Jamecia Estes to Jenna Daniels, 213 Northwest Road, $100.


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