Droom introduces four innovations on 10th anniversary, transforming used car market


Droom, India’s leading online marketplace for buying and selling used cars, celebrates its 10th Founding Day anniversary today by unveiling a suite of groundbreaking products designed to transform the used car industry. 

These new offerings – MyDroom, AdReach, GoDigital, and Chairman Club – empower consumers, businesses, and dealerships with comprehensive solutions for every stage of the car ownership journey.

MyDroom: Your Complete Car Management Companion. MyDroom redefines car ownership by becoming your one-stop shop for everything related to your vehicle. This innovative app offers a personalized dashboard, smart diagnostics with proactive alerts, effortless tracking of service schedules and renewals, seamless expense management, secure document storage, and multi-car management capabilities. Powered by AI, MyDroom suggests best practices, optimizes vehicle performance, and extends its lifespan. MyDroom also connects you with a range of car services like repairs, roadside assistance, and car washes, all within the app, fostering data-driven decision-making for a smarter car ownership experience.

AdReach; Performance-Driven Marketing Solutions for Businesses. Droom introduces AdReach, a tech and data-driven performance marketing platform offering solutions for both web publishers and advertisers. AdReach empowers web publishers to maximize their advertising revenue while providing advertisers with targeted reach and measurable results. This comprehensive advertising platform leverages cutting-edge technology and data science discipline to ensure successful marketing campaigns in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

GoDigital: Effortlessly Establish Your E-commerce Store. Droom launches GoDigital, a self-service, easy-to-use plug/play, and robust e-commerce platform to let any business of any size to an E-Commerce site and App. goDigital offers two options: E-Commerce store and App Edition and E-Commerce store & App Edition with EMS. The E-Commerce store and App Edition provide a stunning website and app on a self-service basis to businesses and the E-Commerce Store App along with a suite of EMS services includes catalog creation, online category management, site merchandising, digital marketing, online payments, fulfillment, delivery and customer support as ECommerce Managed Services.

Chairman Club: Empowering Dealerships for Growth. Droom unveils Chairman Club, a comprehensive suite of seller services designed to elevate the success of Indian auto dealerships and OEMs. Chairman Club provides a full spectrum of automobile services, including procurement of used vehicles at attractive prices, affordable dealer financing solutions, cutting-edge digital marketing tools, high-quality leads, self-service E-Commerce stores, automobile certification services, professional services e.g GST and taxes, store branding support, and visual retail merchandising expertise. Chairman Club equips dealerships with all the necessary tools and resources to excel in the competitive used car market. Chairman Club also has two services for automobile OEMs ie. ProSeller Enterprise for an OEM to have a D2C channel for their line of products at Droom Marketplace directly or in conjunction with their dealership network and QuickSell for OEM, which enables all the authorized dealerships of an OEM to use Droom’s marketplace to sell all the exchange vehicles under a fixed price, auction or best offer and tap into Droom’s vast network of 23 k+ dealerships in 1,174 cities.

“Droom has always been a trailblazer in leveraging AI and technology to disrupt the used car industry,” says Sandeep Aggarwal, Founder & CEO of Droom. ” We are not only pure-play E-Commerce for automobiles but also have built tech products and real IP. With these four products, we are expanding Droom’s charter not only while a transaction is happening but entire lifecycle management and helping enterprises, OEMs, dealers, and advertisers not only on the Droom platform but beyond Droom platform too. We are confident that these solutions will empower our partners and customers, propelling the Indian used car market towards a brighter future”, said Sandeep Aggarwal Founder & CEO of Droom.”

Droom started its commercial operations on 21st Nov 2014 and since then it has sold 580k automobiles worth $7.3bn, 2.0mil automobile services, 23.1k cloud dealers, 4.5mil transactable listings worth $42.5bn in value, presence in 1,176 cities, 16 million app downloads, and 1.8bn as the sum of MAUs.


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