10 Obscure Car Brands Nobody Knows About

The diversity experienced in the modern automotive industry is attributed to competition between different car brands worldwide. Every driver knows the big and popular car brands that saturate the market and appear on magazines and automotive news platforms.

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Even with the many stunning and powerful cars coming to the market every day, car buyers love some brands more than others. And while these big brands receive all the ratings, popularity, and recognition, the less recognized brands receive little-to-no attention from most people. Surprisingly, these smaller brands have put out some excellent vehicles that compete favorably at the top tier of automotive performance and innovation. Here are a few less popular brands to help you take your car knowledge a notch higher.

10 Tramontana

Tramontana supercar on the highway

Via motor1.com

The Tramontana is a sports car model built by Advanced Design Tramontana, an automotive company headquartered in Girona, Spain. Since its launch as a concept at the 2005 Geneva Motor Show, only twelve Tramontana production models are manufactured every year. The Tramontana is offered in either a single or twin-seat variant, all inspired by open-wheel racing cars.

Tramontana supercar parked outside

Via motor1.com

This stylish car features a 710bhp twin-turbocharged mid-mounted 5.5-liter DOHC V12 engine sourced from Mercedes-Benz. The Tramontana also features carbon fiber and magnesium wheels, a 6-speed sequential gearbox, a rear-wheel-drive system, adjustable double wishbone suspension, and a solid white gold bonnet badge.

9 Hispano-Suiza

Hispano-Suiza inside a building

Via caranddriver.com

Translated to Spanish-Swiss, Hispano-Suiza is an automotive engineering company founded by Swiss engineer Marc Birkigt and funded by Spanish investors in 1901. Despite being split into French and Spanish subsidiaries, Hispano-Suiza is famous for producing aviation engines and luxury cars before World War II.

Via caranddriver.com

The French subsidiary ventured further into the aerospace industry, famously known for building landing gears in 1950, Martin-Baker ejection seats in 1955, and the Rolls-Royce Nene. The Spanish subsidiary persisted in the automotive sector, eventually partnering with Spanish banks and Spanish industrial companies to form Spain’s first mass-production car company, SEAT. Now, Hispano-Suiza is back with Carmen, a modern reinterpretation of a pre-war Hispano Suiza model. Only 19 units will be made at $1.7 million each.

8 W Motors

W Motors presenting a supercar

Via motorauthority.com

W Motors is the first company in the Middle East to develop high-performance luxury sports cars. The company specializes in vehicle engineering and manufacturing, automotive design, research and development, and automotive consultancy. W Motors currently operates a Dubai Business Bay location and a flagship Gallery in City Walk; meanwhile, its factory’s construction began in January 2020.

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W Motors car parked next to a lake

Via motorauthority.com

W Motors has produced the Lykan HyperSport, Fenyr SuperSport, and Ghiath models independently, while the Model 7 and the MUSE resulted from collaboration with ICONIQ Motors. The company has announced plans to release Fenyr SuperSport HSF, a luxury…

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