E-commerce dealers get a shot in the arm

YINCHUAN: At an e-commerce incubation center near the airport of Yinchuan, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region in northwest China, Gao Yiyi has been busy selling cosplay costumes to his customers in Mexico.

With orders increasing during the November 11 Singles’ Day shopping spree, Gao, 24, and other young entrepreneurs at the center are striking gold in cyberspace, targeting overseas markets.

A former engineering college student from the city of Guyuan in southern Ningxia, Gao is using the Argentina-based Mercado Libre e-commerce platform to sell products to Latin American customers.

“I analyze market movements each day to find out how many competitors are selling the same kind of products. Then I choose the least competitive field and find customers more easily,” said Gao.

Due to the high cost of transport per deal, Gao seeks to deliver as many products as possible within the same shipping-charge range, which can save money for both himself and customers.

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“I try to make combinations of commodities. For example, if a customer orders one set of cosplay costumes, I also promote related commodities like small gadgets, shoes and hats, to make a package,” he said.

Thanks to some creative thinking, Gao began earning over 10,000 yuan (about $1,400) a month shortly after arriving at the center.

The Bonded Zone Cross-border E-Commerce Industry Incubation Base in Yinchuan was set up three years ago to promote e-commerce and create jobs for youngsters.

It takes advantage of the export-tax exemption policy at the bonded zone and the country’s efficient logistics infrastructure to deliver goods to customers abroad through electronic commerce, and is now managing $50,000 of transactions each day.

While most of the products sold from the center are not local, the center has created hundreds of jobs for local young people.

With only 30 permanent staff and some 60 self-employed operators, ages 25 on average, the incubation center has also trained many young e-commerce entrepreneurs who have set up their own companies.

Ma Kailong, 26, is a self-employed businessman specialized in selling furniture and car parts to North America, with an annual transaction volume of over $300,000 on the Amazon platform.

“You must get familiar with the overseas market and the products there first. You must also grasp the current boom season from November to January in North America to sell as many products as possible,” he said.

Also a native of Guyuan, Ma said his average monthly income stands at 40,000 yuan.

“This work also gives me the chance to learn about the mores and cultures of other countries, and to understand the international market situation,” Ma said.

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2022-11-13 13:26:45

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