Costco has a secret online store, Costco Next, that any member can access – here’s how

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Whether you have a bunch of kids and need that Costco membership for the snacks or are entering your middle-age era and have started shopping for your jeans there, Costco membership holders are die-hard people. There are whole Reddit pages dedicated to how to best shop at the store and plenty of TikToks showing how to maximize Costco hauls. Plus, where else do you get a hot dog and a drink for $1.50 these days? But we all know that staying home and ordering online from your favorite store is where it’s at, so get ready to be blown away by how to access Costco Next, Costco’s best-hidden feature.

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Costco Next is next level

How to use it

To use Costco Next, you have to be a Costco member. You’ll need a member name and membership card number to purchase anything from Costco Next. Not too hard to do.

What if you don’t have a card?

You could technically still use Costco Next, even if you don’t have a Costco membership, but it’ll cost you. For $60 per year, you could be a Costco Gold Membership, and then you’ll be able to access the deals.

How it works

Once you’re ready to shop, you go to the Costco Next website, where there are plenty of deals to be had. Clicking on a particular deal will prompt you to enter your Costco membership information and then take you to the supplier’s website. There, you’ll be able to purchase the item.

What you can buy

So, you are technically not buying Costco items. You are buying things from third-party companies, but getting them at Costco member prices. These supplies are all vetted Costco partners, so you won’t have to worry about quality or if you’ll get the bait and switch like some other sites sometimes do.

Why you might want to say no thank you to Costco Next

It’s not all rainbows and butterflies. There are a couple of things that might not be downsides, but that you’ll want to know before you buy anything.

  • It’s online only, so you’ll never be able to see the items in person before you buy.
  • The shipping and handling aren’t handled by Costco, but by a third party.
  • You cannot return items purchased through a third party from Costco Next to Costco.
  • Purchases do not qualify for Costco’s Executive Membership additional 2% reward benefit.

These aren’t necessarily dealbreakers, but they might make you really think about your purchase. While we love to buy things online, being unable to return to a Costco store might be the biggest hurdle to overcome.

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If you do shop at Costco Next, look for the perks

If you aren’t worried about returning anything or getting that additional Executive discount, then there are a few other fun things to know.

  • You’ll have access to hard-to-find items.
  • You could also shop for home installation services.
  • You’ll get additional discounts just for fun.
  • The items are always rotating, so you’ll never tire of looking for goodies.

Those unique finds are more easily found. See some cool skin product that you can’t find anywhere? Costco Next probably has it. And we all love extra discounts for no reason.

As if Costco members can’t keep quiet about what they just bought and for how cheap, they now have another thing to brag about. When you want to kill some time scrolling on your phone, at least you’ll get to look for awesome products at prices you won’t cry about paying. But only if you’re a Costco member.

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