Donald Trump Slams Biden’s EV Push, Says He’ll “Stop This Madness”

Donald Trump has warned that China will completely overthrow the American car industry if Biden’s EV plans come to fruition

September 7, 2023 at 15:29

Former President Donald Trump does not like electric vehicles and has fiercely criticized the Biden administration’s ongoing push for EVs and a rapid expansion of the country’s public charging network.

Trump, who is running as a Republican candidate to get back into the Oval Office in 2024, wrote on his Truth Social website that the ongoing switch to EVs will completely eliminate Michigan’s historic automotive industry. Michigan is a key swing state in the U.S. and is clearly being strategically targeted by Trump and his campaign.

“The Great State of Michigan will not have an auto industry anymore if Crooked Joe Biden’s crazed concept of ‘all Electric Cars’ goes into effect,” Trump claimed. “CHINA WILL TAKE IT ALL, 100%. United Auto Workers, VOTE FOR TRUMP. Get your leaders to ENDORSE ME, I WILL KEEP ALL OF THESE GREAT JOBS, AND BRING IN MANY MORE. CHOICE IN SCHOOLS, AND CHOICE IN CARS!!!”

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Thanks largely to investments and legislative changes implemented by the Biden administration, a recent study found that some $124 billion worth of EV investments in factories and battery facilities had been announced in the U.S. since 2021. Among the companies making the biggest investments are LG Chem with $17.2 billion, Tesla with $15.7 billion, GM at $15.5 billion, and Ford with $11.9 billion, Yahoo! Finance reports.

Trump didn’t just go after Joe Biden in his social media postings. He also criticized United Auto Workers union president Shawn Fain for supporting EVs.

“Shawn Fain, the respected President of the United Auto Workers, cannot even think about allowing ALL ELECTRIC CARS — THEY WILL ALL BE MADE IN CHINA, and the Auto Industry in America will cease to exist!” Trump asserted.

“Vote for TRUMP, and I will stop this Madness, IMMEDIATELY! Mexico & Canada LOVE Biden’s idiotic policy. SAVE MICHIGAN and the other Auto States. SAVE THE AMERICAN CONSUMER!!!” he added.

This is not the first time that Trump has criticized Biden’s electric vehicle push, The Hill reports. In June, he described the current president as “a catastrophe for Michigan,” asserting that “his environmental extremism is heartless and disloyal and horrible for the American worker.”

Stellantis’s Michigan engine plant

Read More: Donald Trump Slams Biden’s EV Push, Says He’ll “Stop This Madness”

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