How to Find and Change Your Credit Card’s Billing Address

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Maintaining up-to-date billing information in your credit card account benefits you in two ways: An accurate billing address ensures important credit-related mail arrives at the right place and helps protect you against identity theft

When you move from one apartment or home to another, it’s important to update your credit card’s billing address. This information provides more security to your account than you might realize. 

What is a billing address?

Your billing address is the address connected with your debit or credit card account. When you apply for a credit card, the address you provide on your application generally carries over as your billing address. 

Why does your billing address matter?

The billing address associated with your credit card account is where the credit card company will send all correspondence, such as your monthly credit card statement (unless you opt to receive paperless statements). But it’s also used to help protect you when shopping online. 

Your billing address is also used to prevent identity theft through a program known as the Address Verification System. AVS verifies if a billing address matches the address of the primary cardholder. AVS is used most often with online payments. When you enter your billing address and ZIP code, AVS can help verify you as the cardholder. Someone using a credit card or card number fraudulently may not have access to this information. If a thief lists the wrong billing address when trying to check out online, the purchase will be flagged as fraud and won’t go through.

How to find your billing address

You can find the billing address tied to your credit card online or through your issuer’s mobile app. Depending on the issuer, you’ll find the option to view and change your billing address under: 

  • account information 
  • profile, then settings or 
  • personal details

Your billing address is also listed on your monthly credit card statement. 

For example, if you have a Chase credit card, navigate to “profile and settings” online, then select “address.”

How to change your billing address

Depending on your credit card issuer, there are several ways to change your billing address:

  • In person: If your credit card issuer has physical branches in your area, you can stop in to update your billing address.  
  • Online or via mobile app: Log into your online account or bank’s mobile app, go to your profile or account settings and follow the steps to update your billing address.
  • Over the phone: You can also call the customer support number on the bank of your credit card to update your billing address by phone. 

Note that it can take up to 24 hours or longer for your billing address and other contact details to become fully updated with a card issuer.


Your billing address should be the physical location where you reside or receive important correspondence. In most cases, it’s your home address, but if you have a temporary address, like a college dorm, you might choose your parent’s address as your billing address.

Yes. It’s important to provide the correct billing address in order to receive important correspondence from your credit card company. This will also keep your account a little more secure when checking out online.

If the billing address associated with your credit card is incorrect, your purchase could be flagged as fraud and denied. Make sure to update your billing information to avoid this. 

Your credit card billing address needs to match what you have listed within your credit card account when you make a purchase. If you list a different address when you’re using your card, there’s a good chance your purchases will be denied.

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