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The three of us at the American Honda Collection Hall in Torrance, California: Marci Harris, Craig and Deanne Conover.

Craig Conover, Daily Herald

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Honda’s original motorcycle, the Super Cub.

Craig Conover, Daily Herald

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Carl Pulley from Honda Public Relations tells the story of the Honda motorcycle as Deanne and Marci look on.

Craig Conover, Daily Herald

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We couldn’t forget the original off-road, three-wheel all-terrain cycle that led to today’s popular ATVs that dominate the backcountry here in Utah.

Craig Conover, Daily Herald

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Carl Pulley from Honda Public Relations shows off the original 1970 Honda N600, the company’s very first automobile here in America.

Craig Conover, Daily Herald

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Lest we forget the sports car of the ’80s in the Honda CRX Si. It was a great, nostalgic trip to see these cars.

Craig Conover, Daily Herald

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Honda could not leave out its luxury line Acura, especially the ever-popular NSX that has become a supercar in today’s world.

Craig Conover, Daily Herald

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How about a motorized bike that fits in a briefcase, goes 12 mph and folds into a box: the motocompacto.

Craig Conover, Daily Herald

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Carl Pulley shows off another project Honda is working on: a riding lawn mower that learns your yard and then will mow it by itself. Marci was quite intrigued by that, as she has a large yard.

Craig Conover, Daily Herald

It took a trip to Southern California in late January for us to get our first look at the new American Honda Collection Hall in Torrance. It was so worth it; not only do they have some fantastic displays on the history of the brand in America, but the weather was phenomenal!

Recently, we had the privilege of taking a guided tour with Carl Pulley, a representative from Honda Public Relations, curator of the museum and the one who provides us test product here in Utah, which provided us with unique insights into the rich legacy of Honda in America. We immediately found that automotive enthusiasts and history buffs alike were in for a treat when visiting this new museum.

Upon entering the museum, it was as if the captivating aroma of nostalgia and innovation just filled the air, as we immediately were presented with Preludes through the years. The museum is an homage to Honda’s journey from its humble beginnings as a single shop in California to its present-day standing as a global automotive powerhouse.

Each exhibit took us on a chronological journey, showcasing the evolution of Honda’s iconic models and groundbreaking technologies, including motorcycles and power tools.

Pulley, our knowledgeable guide, greeted us with enthusiasm and shared intriguing anecdotes about Honda’s early days. As we delved into the first section, which highlighted Honda’s origins as a motorcycle manufacturer, Pulley provided context to the significance of each displayed model, from the Super Cub to the trailblazing CB750.

Moving through the years, we explored the emergence of Honda as a dominant force in the automotive industry. The museum features an impressive collection of cars that have left an indelible mark on the automotive landscape. From the fuel-efficient and compact Honda Civic to the high-performance and stylish NSX, the exhibits reflect Honda’s commitment to innovation and quality.

One of the highlights of the tour was the section dedicated to Honda’s motorsports legacy. Pulley shared captivating stories about Honda’s foray into Formula 1 racing and the indomitable spirit behind their victories on tracks around the world. The presence of championship-winning race cars, including the iconic McLaren-Honda MP4/4, was a testament to Honda’s prowess in the world of motorsports.

The museum isn’t just a walk through the past; it’s a glimpse into the future. There proved to be other coming technologies that are on their way from Honda. Pulley provided insights into the meticulous design process and the company’s dedication to creating not just vehicles but all kinds of things that will resonate with the needs of today’s consumers.

That includes a new riding lawn mower that will learn your yard with you in charge but will be capable of mowing the grass on its own through its built-in GPS. Or maybe a briefcase-sized bike that you can take on a commute for that last mile that goes up to 12 mph!

Throughout the tour, Pulley’s passion for Honda’s legacy and his wealth of knowledge added a personal touch to our experience. Visitors to the museum can expect an immersive journey, not just through the evolution of automobiles but through the cultural and technological impact of Honda on a global scale.

In addition to the impressive vehicle displays, the museum incorporates interactive elements, allowing visitors to engage with the exhibits in a hands-on manner. From virtual reality experiences to educational displays on Honda’s commitment to sustainability, the museum caters to enthusiasts of all ages.

As we concluded our tour, Pulley expressed his excitement about the museum serving as a bridge between Honda and its admirers. “This museum is not just about Honda; it’s about the people who made it possible and the stories that resonate with our customers. It’s a tribute to the spirit of innovation that continues to drive Honda forward.”

And if you are there on the right Saturday, there is a bonus of Honda hosting a semimonthly “Cars, Bikes and Coffee” event that has drawn thousands of not only spectators but also vintage vehicles of all makes and models for the three-hour event. The next four are Feb. 17, April 13, June 15 and Aug. 17.

The American Honda Collection Hall is a must-visit for automotive enthusiasts, history lovers and anyone intrigued by the story of a company that has shaped the automotive landscape for decades. Even without Pulley’s insightful guidance, the experience transcends a typical museum visit, offering a unique appreciation for the journey of Honda — from its early challenges to its current standing as a pioneer in the automotive world.


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