WPP’s Mirum elevates Mihir Karkare as managing director

Mirum India, a digital media agency within the WPP network, has brought Mihir Karkare on board as the managing director. Karkare’s role became effective from January 2024. Hareesh Tibrewala and Sanjay Mehta, who were the joint chief executive officers of the agency, have stepped down from their positions.

Karkare shared, “The day we started Social Wavelength back in 2009, seems both like it was just yesterday, and that it was a lifetime ago! In my mind, the one thing that defines the last 15 years of this organisation is – constant evolution. From starting as a Social Media agency, building full service digital capabilities, getting acquired by WPP, morphing into Mirum, doing so much work with JWT / WT / VML, building our MarTech, Media, SMCC, Health businesses etc and so much more – the evolution has been ceaseless.”

He added, “I view my taking on of this new role as something which carries forward this legacy of evolution. It’s not some big change… it’s just the next stage of that evolution!”

Tibrewala said, “After having led Mirum, now for about 15 years, I (and Sanjay Mehta) have stepped down from my role as CEO and handed the baton to our next gen leadership. Effective January 2024, my dear friend, colleague and partner Mihir Karkare has taken over as Managing Director of Mirum.”

He added, “Mihir is not only a very capable leader but also a very compassionate leader. A large part of the Mirum business, in any case, has been run by him over the past few years. Now, supported by our very able leadership team, Mihir will take over responsibility for the entire business. I (and Sanjay) will continue to be on the Mirum Board and guide the organisation through the transition, and on business growth strategies.”

Mirum India, which was formerly known as Social Wavelength was co-founded by Karkare in early 2009. In May 2014, J Walter Thomspon, now VML, acquired the agency.

Karkare began his career at e-Emphasys Technologies as associate software engineer. He was a part of the xApps (Extended Applications) group, which made applications that extended the functionality of the core ERP, including a field service scheduler, a laptop and mobile client for the same, a Customer Dashboard for basic CRM activities as well as a e-commerce solution completely integrated with the back end ERP.

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2024-02-12 01:15:53

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