How much more will you have to pay?


STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — If you’ve dined at a restaurant, pumped gas or shopped at a small business since Feb. 11, you’ve probably already noticed the change: Stores throughout the state, including New York City, are now required to be more transparent about the credit card surcharge, listing both the higher credit card price next to a lower cash price before a purchase is made.

The difference should be listed on your receipt, printed on the menu or clearly posted as a discount for cash usage. But if you’re debating whether the cheaper cash sale is worth the hit-up-the-ATM-hassle, here’s a look at how much the convenience of a swipe will generally cost you:

$50 + 3.95% credit card surcharge = $51.98

$100 + 3.95% credit card surcharge = $103.95

$500 + 3.95% credit card surcharge = $519.75

$1,000 + 3.95% credit card surcharge = $1,039.50

$1,500 + 3.95% credit card surcharge = $1,559.25

The bottom line? If a business chooses to pass along the cost of credit card processing fees as a surcharge to customers, it now must be transparent about it and display the highest total price – excluding sales tax.

The new New York state law does not offer consumers the same protections when shopping with debit cards, according to the state Division of Consumer Protection (DCP), but does aim to clear up some misleading practices.

“Many consumers and businesses are confused when it comes to surcharges in the marketplace,” Secretary of State Rossana Rosado, who oversees the New York State Division of Consumer Protection, said in a press release. “New York businesses must advertise accurate prices. A business may offer a discount if consumers pay in cash, but cannot charge more at the register simply because a consumer uses their credit card.”

Under the new law, stores are prohibited from charging a flat credit card fee or listing the credit card surcharge as a “processing fee, technology fee or non-cash adjustment.” Also, businesses are not allowed to display price tags that list the cash cost with an additional credit card percentage.

If consumers identify merchants charging additional fees improperly, they are encouraged to:

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